God of Miracles

God of Miracles

For the last 21 years People’s Church has witnessed the God of miracles do things beyond what Tiffany and I could have ever imagined or done on our own.
The God of miracles brought us through the early days of launching in the AMC movie theater in 2002. The God of miracles made People’s Church a multi-campus church with locations in Oklahoma City, Midwest City, Northwest Oklahoma City, Indianapolis, Indiana, and Mabel Bassett Correctional Facility. The God of miracles brought us through a worldwide pandemic when some churches permanently closed their doors, but we’ve seen an increase in attendance and life change since resuming in person services. This can only be explained by the power of our miracle-working God! 

In 2023, we have seen the God of miracles provide Edmond Santa Fe High School and all the equipment needed in order to launch the People’s Church Edmond campus. We saw a phenomenal grand opening of over 700 people in attendance and just within the first month of the campus’ launch, 91 salvations and 29 water baptisms!! From January through October 2023, at all of our campuses, we have seen 775 people get water baptized!! This is nothing but the God of miracles in action! During our Miracles series, we have heard story after story of how the God of miracles has been moving powerfully in so many of your lives. The God of miracles has healed bodies and restored marriages. The God of miracles has delivered people from addictions and anxiety. All of these lives have been impacted for eternity because God is using YOU, People’s Church. You have taken steps of faith and served on the Dream Team. Not only have you served but you have prayed, invited and given generously to see thousands of people find hope and healing through the love of Christ. It’s been an incredible 2023 and I want us to finish the year strong with our “Miracle Offering” and watch the God of miracles do only what he can do through us!

Between now and December 31, 2023, we are believing for the God of miracles to provide $750,000 over and above our normal giving so that we can give generously to local, national and global missions. We also want to continue to make substantial progress with the civil engineering, architectural and administration of our Edmond campus and the 23 acres of land we own in Edmond. We also want to be in a strong financial position to purchase a building in a prime location for our Indianapolis campus. I have strong faith that the God of miracles IS going to open the RIGHT door in Indy even though we’ve experienced closed door after closed door. 

God has spoken these words deeply to my heart during our Miracles series:

“what he opens no one can shut, and what he shuts no one can open … I have placed before you an open door that no one can shut.” – Revelation 3:7-8 (NIV)  

People’s Church family, please join me and Tiffany in prayer and ask God what he would have you give over and above your normal giving in the Miracle Offering between now and December 31. As God speaks to your heart, thank you for stepping out in faith and giving generously in the Miracle Offering! I know that the God of miracles is going to work in your life in extraordinary ways as you respond to his voice and give generously!  

The Best is Yet To Come

God of Miracles

Your giving changes lives

Kiara’s Story

Before I came to People’s Church Edmond I had given up on God and church overall. I went through some really traumatic experiences mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. I lost my faith because I was hurt, alone, and not financially where I needed to be. I worked like a dog and hung out with friends as much as I could to get my mind off of the sad and painful life I was living. I figured I wouldn’t be going through all of this, “if God was real,” or, “if He really cared for me.” I felt lost, hurt, abandoned, and stressed out, until this wonderful mother figure in my life named Kimber convinced me to come to church on September 10th for the Grand Opening of People’s Church Edmond. I wanted to get back in the church for so long and she gave me the push I needed. I knew God was speaking to me through her. On that day in church, God was speaking everything I needed to hear. God knew what I was dealing with and He spoke through Pastor Herbert in every detail as if He was standing in my shoes. 

Since that day I have felt that God is with me. I kept a promise to myself that I would stay in the church and continue to pray. That same day I had a couple at work come to me and ask to pray over me. They prayed about the exact issues I’ve been dealing with. That’s when I knew I needed to trust the Lord and not ever give up on Him as I have before. On September 17th, at People’s Church Edmond, I chose to surrender my life to Jesus because He showed up for me when I needed it most. I started noticing how God was speaking to me through others he knew I would listen to. 

As I look back, I have been experiencing miracle after miracle since I returned to the Lord. I had to choose between a life of depression and anger or a life with God and peace. My life has been transformed and I recently got water baptized at People’s Church Edmond. I’ve been much happier, less angry, and more peaceful since recommitting my life to Jesus. One step at a time, but I’ve given my all to trust in the Lord. I went through Growth Track and I am now a part of the Dream Team at People’s Church Edmond. I invite as many people as I can to come to church with me every Wednesday for Sisterhood Study, every Thursday for Recharge Young Adults, and every Sunday for services. This journey has been a rollercoaster, but the good kind that you don’t throw up on (haha). I thank God everyday for the opportunity He has given me through forgiveness, through the church, through friends, family, and through good and bad times. He is there for me like He is for you.

God of Miracles
Edmond Campus

In January 2022, we closed on 23 acres of land in Edmond, OK. On September of 2023, we will launch the Edmond Campus at Santa Fe High School.

God of Miracles
Leadership College

In August 2022, we launched the People’s Church Leadership College to train up a generation of world changers with not only an accredited degree but with leadership skills to influence their world for Jesus.

God of Miracles
Indy Building

We are aggressively searching to purchase a building in a prime location for our Indianapolis location. We know we serve the God of miracles!
So far, our Indy campus family has already given $365,000 for a new facility!

Who should give?

Everyone who calls People’s Church home. We’re family! If we’re going to see God do all He desires to do in us and through us it will take each of us doing our part. He’s a God of miracles and wants to provide miracles for our lives and our church!  As you take steps of faith and give to the Lord, I pray you experience what the Bible calls the joy of generosity. If you’ve never been a consistent giver, I want to encourage you to take that step. If you’ve never trusted God by tithing, take that step and begin to tithe consistently. If you’re already tithing, I encourage you to take a step and give generously in the Miracle Offering.  As you pray and ask God to speak to you, you can be sure your next step will require faith. But I can assure you, you will never regret trusting God and obeying His voice and giving above your tithe in the Miracle Offering. Whether He calls you to give $50, $100, $500, $5,000, $10,000, $25,000, $50,000, $100,000 or $1,000,000, your obedience will literally impact eternity and also bring about miracles in your own life!

What’s the difference between tithing and the Miracle Offering?

The Tithe is what God asks every Christ follower to give. Tithing is giving 10% of all of your income to the local church where you worship. The tithe opens up the doors for God to bless your life and it provides resources for God’s church so that we can reach, disciple and minister to people. (Malachi 3:10)

The Miracle Offering is a one time offering you give between now and December 31, 2023. 

You can give a sacrificial Miracle Offering of cash, land, homes, stocks, online, text to give, or through the People’s Church app. Your generous giving will help accelerate the vision of our church to see more changed lives locally, nationally and around the world. 

The best and easiest way to give is to set up recurring giving. Setting up recurring giving is not only beneficial so you can stay consistent in your giving to the Lord but it also allows us to budget accurately as we move forward to see more changed lives. You can set up recurring giving today by downloading the People’s Church app  and clicking the give link or by going to peoples.church/giving. It’s a simple and secure way to give. 

God of Miracles

Let’s Accomplish This Vision Together

Edmond Launch: $375,000

    • New Construction Civil Engineering, Architectural and Administration

Indy Campus: $450,000

    • Permanent Building in prime location.

People’s Church Leadership College: $75,000

    • Leadership College administrative and scholarships.

Missions: $300,000

  • Missionaries and missions projects to minister to the needs of people locally, nationally and internationally.

Give your generous Miracle Offering by December 31, 2023 Give Today