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Your Generosity Changes Lives

People’s Church is all about seeing lives changed. Your giving helps support numerous ministries and outreaches including local, national and international missions. Thank you for prayerfully considering your contribution.

The Bible teaches us that our baseline standard for giving is the tithe — contributing 10% of our income to the local church we attend. At People’s Church, we know tithing has been a turning point for many people to experience the blessings of following Jesus. When God stirs us to give beyond our tithe, it’s referred to as an offering. Offerings go to many areas such as missions & building campaigns.


3 Month Tithe Challenge

Tithing 10% of your income can be a big, and often frightening, commitment. That’s why we created the 3-Month Tithe Challenge. We commit to you that if you tithe for three months and God doesn’t hold true to His promises of blessings, we will refund 100% of your tithe. No questions asked. Find out more about the 3-Month Tithe Challenge and sign up here.

More info on our giving policies can be found here.


Dream Builders

Our culture tends to focus on what we can get, but if you look at the life of Jesus, He was radically generous. As Dream Builders we want to go against the grain and look for ways to put others first, bringing spiritual and physical hope to those in need. Find out more about how you can become a Dream Builder here.