God is Good

God is Good

“Taste and see that the Lord is good; blessed is the one who takes refuge in him.” – Psalm 34:8 

As a church, we’ve tasted and seen that the Lord is good. In May we celebrated People’s Church’s 20-year anniversary!! We have been remembering God’s faithfulness and how much He has moved in our church. In 2002, when Tiffany and I sold our home and moved from Springfield, MO, to start People’s Church in Oklahoma City, OK, we had no church staff experience, no building to meet in, and no people, but God has proven to be faithful. Everything hasn’t always been easy, but God has been so good! We’ve seen God’s goodness as we moved out of the AMC Theater into our 16,500 square foot facility on 50 acres. We’ve seen God’s goodness as we added 42,000 square feet to our Oklahoma City campus. We’ve seen God’s goodness as we launched our Midwest City campus. We’ve seen God’s goodness at the Northwest campus.  We’ve seen God’s goodness at our Indianapolis campus. We’ve seen God’s goodness as we started the first church behind bars in Oklahoma at the Mabel Bassett Correctional Facility. God has already begun to pave the way and open doors for our upcoming Edmond campus launch. Only heaven will know all the souls that have been saved, marriages that have been restored, people who have been set free, and lives that have been changed. We’ve seen God’s goodness year after year as we’ve stepped out in faith, served others, dreamed big, and trusted God with everything we had. 

As with any God sized dream, it has not been without trials and tribulations. We’ve faced problems, pain, disappointments, heartbreak. Loved ones and friends have been lost. It’s even been more challenging in recent years with a health pandemic and a fear pandemic. We’ve faced political and racial tensions, and we’ve seen inflation in gas prices and the stock market. Things we expected to happen may not have happened. Things we did not expect happened. Even now, life can be hard and full of challenges. And yet, GOD IS GOOD! God has been SO faithful. He will continue to be good and faithful because that is who He is. God cannot go back on His word!

“I will remain confident of this: I will see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living.” – Psalm 27:13

Church family, we can remain confident that we will see MORE of God’s goodness right in our life and in our church. This is not just a saying, it’s the truth: the best is yet to come! Because when life is hard, God is still good! As Paul says, “despite all these things overwhelming victory is ours through Christ,” (Romans 8:37). In the midst of all of the hardship, we will see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living! 

Somebody ought to declare with your pastors that EVEN when the economy ebbs and flows, God is still good. EVEN when our health fails, God is still good. EVEN when the worst of life happens, God is still good. Church family, no matter the EVEN when, may we never forget that GOD IS STILL GOOD! And God has called each of us to tell others about his goodness! As a church, we will declare the goodness of God to a lost, hurting and broken world. That’s our calling! We will not be moved by what is happening around us. Our faith will not be shaken. We will do what God has called us to do: declare his goodness to a world who desperately needs him. We will see MORE changed lives because we will see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living!

Pastors Herbert & Tiffany Cooper

God is Good

Your giving changes lives

Stephanie’s Story

Before coming to People’s Church, I was broken and hopeless. I was in and out of jail and addicted to heroin. I’d given up on God. I’d spent several years using drugs and went through periods of homelessness. I was praying that each day would be my last, and I was too broken to realize all that God was doing in my life. I made several attempts to stop using drugs and I failed at every single one of them. I was on house arrest with multiple warrants, and I was failing as a mom and daughter every single day. In 2019, after much insistence from a friend, my family and I decided to attend People’s Church for Easter. I was still under the influence of drugs, but everyone accepted me. I accepted Jesus and attended Growth Track. I went to treatment and got free from my addiction. It was after this that I had a car accident that left me hospitalized for a month. It took six months to learn how to walk again. Even in the midst of this trial, I knew that God was protecting me, and he was showing me that he will use all things for good. My daughter and I got baptized and now I serve on the Dream Team in PC Kids every Sunday.  I am accountable and present as a mother and as a daughter. I grow in my relationship with God every day. I am now a recovery coach and help others break free from addictions and find hope in Jesus. Every single one of my struggles and setbacks are used to help others break free today and I know that God has amazing things in my future.

God is Good

Edmond Campus
In January 2022, we closed on 23 acres of land in Edmond, OK. In September of 2023, we will launch the Edmond Campus at Santa Fe High School.

God is Good

Leadership College
In August 2022, we launched the People’s Church Leadership College to train up a generation of world changers with not only an accredited degree but with leadership skills to influence their world for Jesus.

God is Good

Indy Building
We are aggressively searching for a permanent building in a prime location for our Indianapolis location. The future is bright because God is Good!

Who should give?

Everyone who calls People’s Church home.  We’re family! If we’re going to see God do all He desires to do in us and through us it will take each of us doing our part. He’s a good God, and He wants to bless His children. So He calls us to take steps in our faith.  Those steps will deepen our trust in God and will allow us to experience what the bible calls the joy of generosity.  If you’ve never been a consistent giver, I want to encourage you to take a step!  If you’ve never trusted God by tithing, take a step!  If you’re already tithing I encourage you to take a step and begin to give above your tithe to Dream Builders. God has more for People’s Church and He has more for your life.  As you pray and ask God to speak to you, you can be sure your next step will require faith.  But I can assure you, you will never regret trusting God and obeying His voice.  Whether He calls you to give $10 a month, $100, $10,000, $100,000 or $1,000,000 your obedience will literally impact eternity!

What’s the difference between tithing, Dream Builders and the Miracle Offering?

The Tithe God asks every Christ follower to give 10% of all of their income to the local church. The tithe opens up the doors for God to bless your life and it provides resources for God’s church so that we can reach, disciple and minister to people. (Malachi 3:10)

The Dream Builders Offering is what you give over and above your tithe to help People’s Church minister to people locally, nationally and internationally through missions, outreach, projects and starting new churches to reach new people. Dream Builders also helps launch new People’s Church campuses to reach new people. Every year many people in our church family make a one-year Dream Builders commitment over and above the tithe to accelerate the vision of our church.

The Miracle Offering is a one time offering that goes toward fulfilling your Dream Builders commitment. Some people fulfill their entire Dream Builders commitment in the Miracle Offering. Some give a sacrificial offering of cash, land, homes or stocks in the Miracle Offering and then finish fulfilling their Dream Builders commitment by giving throughout the next year. As you give as much as you can as quickly as you can, God not only will bless your life but the vision of People’s Church will be accelerated. 

Miracle Offering Sunday was on December 4, 2022 during all of our services at all of our campuses but you can still pray and ask God what he wants you to give over and above your tithe. You can give your tithe, Dream Builders offerings and Miracle Offering online, text to give, through the People’s Church app or in person.

The best and easiest way to give is to set up recurring giving. Setting up recurring giving is not only beneficial so you can stay consistent in your giving to the Lord but it also allows us to budget accurately as we move forward to see more changed lives. You can set up recurring giving today by downloading the People’s Church app (peoples.church/app) and clicking the give link or by going to peoples.church/giving. It’s a simple and secure way to give. 

Make Your Commitment

God is Good

Let’s Accomplish This Vision Together

Edmond Launch: $500,000

    • Staff, Production Equipment, and Marketing.

Indy Campus: $1,000,000

    • Permanent Building.

Church Development / Next Gen: $800,000

    • Audio, Video, and Lighting for Main Auditorium and PC Kids, Leadership College Administrative and Scholarships.

Missions: $500,000

  • Missionaries and missions projects to minister to the needs of people locally, nationally and internationally.

To see all Dream Builders projects visit BuildTheDream.tv

Make Your Commitment