Big Faith Big Future

Dont Be Ridiculous

“Don’t worry about this Philistine,” David told Saul. “I’ll go fight him!” “Don’t be ridiculous!” Saul replied. “There’s no way you can fight this Philistine and possibly win! You’re only a boy, and he’s been a man of war since his youth.”
1 Samuel 17:32-33 

We know how this story ends. David defeats the giant everyone told him to not even try to fight. David’s ridiculous step of faith changed the course of history, and we still talk about it today.

People’s Church, God has called us, like David, to have ridiculous faith that changes the course of history! This is not the time for the church to retreat, to relax, or to be reserved! This is the time for the church to step out with BIG faith in a BIG God.

20 years ago I was 26 years old, Tiffany was 24 years old, and we sold our home in Springfield, MO to move to Oklahoma City to start People’s Church. We had no church staff experience, no building to meet in and no people, but we had ridiculous faith in a big God. It took ridiculous faith to launch a church in a movie theater. It took ridiculous faith to purchase land in Oklahoma City. It took ridiculous faith to start the Midwest City campus, the Northwest campus, the Indianapolis campus, and to start the first church behind bars in Oklahoma at the Mabel Bassett Correctional Facility – and church, let me tell you, we are just getting started! As long as there are more people who need to experience the grace, mercy, hope, love and forgiveness of Jesus, we will not retreat or relax.

It’s not time to camp out and get comfortable, it’s time to fight the giants and to reach more people with the love of God. That’s why we are buying 23 acres of land and launching our Edmond campus in 2022. For our Indianapolis campus, we are believing God to be able to purchase land or a building in a prime location. There are more giants to be defeated, more people who need freedom, hope and healing. Lives are hanging in the balance, and our ridiculous faith in our big God is the answer.

We will be a church with ridiculous faith. We will have ridiculous generosity. We will have ridiculous trust in God. Thank you for joining Tiffany and me on this journey. When it comes to giving everything to see more changed lives, we don’t mind being called ridiculous!

Pastor Herbert & Tiffany Cooper

Big Faith Big Future

Your giving changes lives

Heath’s Story

“A few years ago I was a struggling alcohol addict. It got so bad that the addiction almost stole my family from me. My marriage was failing. The relationships I had with my children were failing. I was completely losing my life. 

I don’t know who it was, but I thank God for the person who put a People’s Church invite in my mailbox for the “Don’t Settle” sermon series. Because of that invite, I showed up at the Northwest OKC campus and that was the day my life changed forever! 

I hadn’t been to a church in 20 years but when I showed up at People’s Church God started moving in my life and He hasn’t stopped since. I’ve dedicated my life to Christ and I’m committed to do whatever I can to make a difference for His glory. I’m a better husband, father, and grandfather because of Jesus. He pulled me out of the pit l was in and now I live for Him. 

When I think about the people that gave sacrificially to help start the Northwest campus, I thank you with all of my heart. Had you not given, there wouldn’t have been an invite in my mailbox at the absolute right time. I wouldn’t have experienced God’s power to turn my life around or witnessed the amazing work He’s done in my family, my coworkers, and my friends. My life has changed phenomenally and it’s thanks to you!”

Big Faith Big Future

Why Edmond & more People’s Church campuses?

It’s proven that the quickest and easiest way to reach people who are far from God is through a new church. As long as there are people who need salvation, we will do all we can to reach them with good news of Jesus. It’s our vision to start more People’s Church locations and to help start other churches across America and around the world. 

We already have over 800 families who call People’s Church home in the Edmond area, but there are so many more families left to be reached! Statistics show that the majority of people won’t drive further than 15 minutes to attend a church. Our church families who are already in Edmond will now have an easier opportunity to reach their friends, coworkers, and loved ones by inviting them to a church that is near where they live. Thousands of people will encounter Jesus at our new Edmond campus!

When will the land be paid off?

Our Big Faith Goal is to pay cash for the land before we close on January 21, 2022. Your ridiculous giving over and above your tithe will help us pay cash for the land. If we do not receive the necessary funds by that time, we will secure financing for the remaining balance.

Who should give?

Everyone who calls People’s Church home. If you’ve never been a giver, would you start giving consistently? If you are a giver but not a tither, would you begin to give 10 percent of your income to God through People’s Church? If you are a tither, would you pray about what God wants you to give over and above your tithe to Dream Builders to help us accomplish our Phase 1 and Phase 2 goal? I believe God is going to speak to many of us to give more than we’ve ever given before. We’re going to have ridiculous faith and generosity so we can see more changed lives! Everyone of us has a next step to take. Take time to ask God what He would have you to give over and above your tithe, then step out in faith and give generously. Miracles don’t happen with the sacrifice of a few, but with all of us joining together and each one doing their part!
Whether you’re able to give $10 a month, $100, $10,000, $100,000 or $1,000,000, your giving will make an eternal impact.

What’s the difference between tithing, Dream Builders and the Miracle Offering?

The Tithe God asks every Christ follower to give 10% of all of their income to the local church. The tithe opens up the doors for God to bless your life and it provides food for God’s church so that we can reach, disciple and minister to people. (Malachi 3:10)

The Dream Builders Offering is what you give over and above your tithe to help People’s Church minister to people locally, nationally and internationally through missions, projects and starting new campuses to reach new people. Dream Builders also helps launch new campuses to reach new people. Every year many people in our church family make a one-year Dream Builders commitment over and above the tithe to accelerate the vision of our church. 

The Miracle Offering is a one time offering that goes toward fulfilling your Dream Builders commitment. Some people fulfill their entire Dream Builders commitment in the Miracle Offering. Some give a sacrificial offering of cash, land, homes or stocks in the Miracle Offering and then finish fulfilling their Dream Builders commitment by giving throughout the next year. As you give as much as you can as quickly as you can, God not only will bless your life but the vision of People’s Church will be accelerated. 

Miracle Offering is an opportunity to go above and beyond in your generosity and invest in seeing more changed lives in our community and around the world. Begin praying and asking God what he wants you to give over and above your tithe. You can give your tithe, Dream Builders offerings and Miracle Offering online, text to give, through the People’s Church app or in person.

The best and easiest way to give is to set up recurring giving. Setting up recurring giving is not only beneficial so you can stay consistent in your giving to the Lord but it also allows us to budget accurately as we move forward to see more changed lives. You can set up recurring giving today by downloading the People’s Church app ( and clicking the give link or by going to It’s a simple and secure way to give.

Make Your Commitment

Big Faith Big Future

Oklahoma Campuses


Edmond Land: $2 Million

    • Closing on 23 acres of land for the future site of
      the Edmond Campus.

Edmond Campus Launch: $400,000

    • Equipment, signage, marketing, lease and all resources necessary for the 2022 launch of the Edmond Campus.

Missions: $500,000

  • Missionaries and missions projects to minister to the needs of people locally, nationally and internationally.


OKC Parking Lot Repair: $500,000

  • City campus parking lot, it will cost 1.5 million to remedy the water issues and to replace the damaged parking lot. Our goal is to do the repairs in 3 phases. In 2022 we hope to repair 1/3 of the parking lot.
Big Faith Big Future

Indianapolis Campus

Indianapolis Property: $1 Million

    • Purchase land or building in a prime location for the Indianapolis Campus.

Missions: $500,000

    • Missionaries and missions projects to minister to the needs of people locally, nationally and internationally.

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