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Lesson for May 31

Elementary Students (Kindergarten-1st Grade)

  1. Encourage your child to join you and the video in singing and moving to show God praise!
  2. Next, the video Bible lesson will play.
    Please watch with your child and encourage them to stay engaged and listen!
  3. After that, continue the conversation about their learning throughout the week, see tips in this week’s parent cue and use the activities to enhance your child’s learning of the lesson:

Elementary Parent Cue

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May 31 Elementary Activities

Make It Stick Activity:   Create the Story

Made to Imagine: an activity that promotes empathy and facilitates biblical application through role-play and reenactment

What You Need: 4 different hats, shirts, or even towels to drape over, be creative! One will represent the horse, one Philip, one the Ethopian, and one the chariot driver

What You Do:

  • Guide your child (even better if you can get the whole family involved) to act out the story. 
  • Help them retell the story as one person plays the horse, one plays Philip, one plays the Ethiopian, and one plays the chariot driver. OR your child can play all roles and race to get the correct prop 
  • Repeat until everyone gets a chance to play each role. 

What You Say:

“The man from Ethiopia had some questions for Philip. We all have lots of questions. Some are about stuff that’s not super important, but other questions are very important, like the ones the man asked Philip about the Bible and God. If you have questions about the Bible and God and Jesus, you can always ask me, or an older person at church who you trust.

“God wants us to ask questions, and He wants to answer them! And how does He answer them? In His Word—the Bible. (Tell kids about a question you had about God or the Bible, and how you found the answer in God’s Word.) You might not always get a specific answer to your question in the Bible, but you can keep going even when you have questions. Keep going, keep learning about God, and keep asking those questions!”

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