PC Kids Parent Cue Preschool


Lesson for October 18

Preschool (2-5 yrs)

  1. Encourage your child to join you and the video in singing and moving to show God praise!
  2. Next, the video Bible lesson will play.
    Please watch with your child and encourage them to stay engaged and listen!
  3. After that, continue the conversation about their learning throughout the week, see tips in this week’s parent cue and use the activities to enhance your child’s learning of the lesson:

Preschool Parent Cue

More Kids Worship

Memory Verse with Motions

“God (Point to the sky with both hands) is with you (Point forward with both hands) wherever (Raise hands with palms up) you go.” (Walk in place moving your arms and legs) Joshua 1:9 (Open your hands like a book.)

October 18 Preschool Activity Page