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Make the lessons come to life

Encourage your child to join you and the video in singing and moving to show God praise! 

Continue the conversation about what they learned.
Use this week’s Parent Cue to help you strengthen their understanding of the lesson throughout the rest of their week.

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Preschool Students (2-5 yrs)

Bible Story 

Jesus tells us to love one another the way He loves us so everyone will know we follow Him.

John 13:34-35

Say this

Who can you follow?


Basic Truth



Remember This

“Come and follow me, Jesus said.”

Matthew 4:19, NIrV


Do this with your child

When you go into your child’s room, say, “Good morning, [child’s name]! It’s time to hop out of bed and follow Jesus! Who’s going to say kind words today? We are! Who’s going to help people today? We are! Who’s going to share today? We are! We can follow Jesus!”

As you drive, ask your child, “What color is the car we are following?” When the vehicle changes, ask the same question again. Talk about how when we follow Jesus, we love people the way He loves us.

Cuddle with your child this month and pray, “Dear God, Jesus is SO good at loving people. He says kind words, helps people, forgives people, prays for people, and is just the best friend ever. Help us to love people the way Jesus loves us. We want the world to know we follow Jesus. We love You, God. In Jesus’ name, amen.”

Add two dolls or action figures to bath time. Tell your child to bathe his/her doll/action figure and you are going to follow what he/she does when you wash your doll/action figure. Thank your child for showing you how to bathe your doll/action figure. Talk about how God sent Jesus to show us how to love people. When we follow Jesus, He always leads us the best way.

March 29 Preschool Activities

How to get the most out of this lesson: Be sure to watch the lesson video with your preschooler. After that, use this list of activities to enhance your preschooler’s learning of the lesson. You can also use these activities throughout the week as review!

Memory Verse Activity: Repeat the actions above with your preschooler.

Activity #1: Follow Through the Tunnel

An activity that uses a preschooler’s natural desire to move to help them learn

What You Need: Sheet or blanket and a few chairs to create a tunnel, and a ball of some kind

What You Do:

Before the Activity: Create a ‘tunnel’ by draping sheet or blanket over chairs

During the Activity: Encourage the children to hop from each piece of paper (or carpet square) to the next as you count to 12. Repeat as desired.

Outdoor Option: Give your child the ball and instruct him/her to roll the ball into the tunnel and follow it by crawling in the tunnel after it.

What You Say:

Before the Activity: “Yay! A tunnel!”

During the Activity: “Roll the ball into the tunnel and follow it by crawling through. (Point.) Are you ready to follow the ball?”

(Pause & Do activity.)

After the Activity: “You did a great job following the ball! Today we heard about ways we can follow Jesus.”

Activity #2: Heart Sort

An activity that encourages preschoolers to follow guidelines while having fun and learning new concepts

What You Need: Plain white paper and 10 crayons of the different colors.

What You Do:

Before the Activity: On white paper, draw a heart in each color you have available. Place all of the crayons in a pile near the papers.

During the Activity: Challenge your child to sort the crayons by placing the crayons onto the matching color of heart. Repeat as desired and feel free to use other items in your house (oranges, bananas, a favorite red ball, etc)

What You Say:

Before the Activity : “We are going to play a game!”

During the Activity: “There are a lot of crayons in the pile. (Point.) Let’s work together to place all of the crayons on the same color of heart. All of the yellow crayons go on the yellow heart, all of the green crayons go on the green heart, and so on. Are you ready to play?” (Pause and do activity.)

After the Activity: “Great job! Hearts remind me of love. Jesus wants us to love everyone. How can we love one another?”

Activity #3: Craft: Bead Necklace

An activity that channels a preschooler’s innate curiosity into a discussion of the week’s crucial concepts

What You Need: Beads or Cheerios/Fruit Loops (any cereal that can be strung on a ribbon or string), ribbon or string/yarn.

What You Do:

Before the Activity: Place the beads/cereal and ribbon/string/yarn on the table.

During the Activity: Encourage your child to place the beads on the ribbon/string/yarn to create a necklace.

What You Say:

Before the Activity: “We are going to string some beads (or cereal) together to make a necklace!”

During the Activity: “One bead will follow the other bead. Let’s see how many beads we can have follow one another!” (Do activity.)

After the Activity: “Great job! Our beads are super long! You did a great job helping the beads follow one another. Today in our Bible story, we heard about different ways we can follow Jesus.”

Activity #4: Baskets of Love

Made to Move: An activity that uses a preschooler’s natural desire to move to help them learn

What You Need:

4 pieces of paper, tape, four baskets (laundry basket, small trash can, large mixing bowls), and wads of paper (red paper, if you have some on hand)

What You Do:

Before the Activity: Help your child think of 4 people he/she can show love to! (Examples: teacher, mailman, grandma, mom, dad, sister, etc). You and your child draw one person on each sheet of paper. Tape one picture to the side of each basket. Set the baskets in the four corners of the area or room. Scatter the paper wads (that represent “love”) all around your room.

During the Activity: Encourage the children to gather paper wads (to represent “love”) and place them in one of the baskets. Talk about each picture and how we can show love to that person. If time allows, dump out the baskets and encourage the children to gather the paper wads and place them in a different basket.

What You Say:

Before the Activity: “There are SO many people all around us that need love! We can show love to them every day. Do you see the paper scattered around the room? They represent love! Let’s pick them up and put them into one of the baskets. You can choose any basket you wish.”

During the Activity: “Do you see the pictures on each basket? Let’s look at each picture and you tell me how we could show love to that person!” 

After the Activity:
“Great job gathering the love! You know who really knows how to love others? Jesus! Remember, we can love everyone when we choose to follow him.” Now give your child a giant hug showing them much love! 🙂

Activity #5: Heart Cutout


Made to Move: An advanced activity specifically designed for older preschoolers

What You Need:

Construction paper, marker, and preschool-safe scissors

What You Do:

Before the Activity: Cut the paper into four equal squares. Fold each square in half. Draw half of a heart with the middle of the heart at the fold.

During the Activity:
Give your child a folded square and a pair of scissors. Instruct him/her to cut on the outline of the heart.

After the Activity:
Help your child unfold his/her cutout to reveal the heart.

What You Say:

Before the Activity: “We are going to practice our cutting.”

During the Activity: (Give your child a folded square.) “Use the scissors to cut on the line.” (Do activity.)

Before the Activity: “Great job! Let’s unfold the cutout and see what it is! (Finish activity.) It is a heart! A heart is about love. Jesus wants us to follow Him and love one another! Who can you follow? I can follow Jesus.”