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Lesson for May 31

Preschool (2-5 yrs)

  1. Encourage your child to join you and the video in singing and moving to show God praise!
  2. Next, the video Bible lesson will play.
    Please watch with your child and encourage them to stay engaged and listen!
  3. After that, continue the conversation about their learning throughout the week, see tips in this week’s parent cue and use the activities to enhance your child’s learning of the lesson:

Preschool Parent Cue

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Memory Verse with Motions

“Nothing at all (shake head and wave your arms in front of you) can separate (lock your fingers together) us from God’s (point up with both hands) love (hug yourself). Romans 8:39.” (Open your hands like a book.)

May 31 Preschool Activities

Make It Stick Activity:  Can You Find It?  

What You Need: 10 toys, pieces of candy, or other suitable items for your child to find

What You Do:

Before the Activity: Hide your items in the area you want to do this activity with your child.  You could use many rooms in your house or even go outside! 

During the Activity: Tell your child there are 10 items hidden for them to find. Help them if necessary. 

What You Say:

During the Activity: “Today’s Bible story was about a woman who lost a coin. It was special to her so she looked and looked for it just like you looked for your items! She looked over there. (Look to the left with hand over your eyes.) No coin. She looked over there. (Look to the right with hand over your eyes.) No coin. Then, she saw something shiny on the floor. Yay! She found her coin! Yay! She found her coin!”

After the Activity: “We have something to celebrate today. God loves you, and you are very special to Him! Who loves you? God loves me! That is SO worth celebrating! Let’s say that again!  Who loves you? God loves me!  Who loves you? God loves me!”


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